Is the GreatDaysOutAndThingsToDo.com website free to use?

Yes it is!

What areas does it cover?

Coverage is the entire USA although some areas are less packed with info than others. The database is always expanding though!

Will the website work on my Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Mobile etc?

We hope so! We've designed the site from day one to work with the latest generation of mobiles and cell-phones. Of course there are so many devices it's impossible to say a specific model will work perfectly but on the whole using the site should be a breeze. If not, let us know and tell us how we can improve the user experience.

Are all the places and listings on the site really chosen by hand?

Yes, our approach is strictly 'quality over quantity'. Every new submission is checked manually before it is added to the site and only the best things make it. Moderating all content is not the easy option when setting up a site like this but it's one of the things that makes us different.

Is it aimed at 'visitors' or 'locals'?

A bit of both. Visitors arriving from a different region or country who have no previous knowledge about where they're staying obviously benefit. But local people who know their town, city or village inside out might still uncover a hidden gem.

Do we really need another site like this?

We think so. Firstly, variety and competition are spice of life.Secondly there is tons of useful information out there scattered all over the web and some great sites for individual cities. Of those, many feel suffer from information overload. Our aim is to present useful information in a simple, attractive and consistent way.

How do you make money?

Through targeted ads. We consider other models but this was the only one that made sense.